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The stress relief you've been looking for

Calm yourself and put your sore muscles at ease with an invigorating and healing massage from our licensed massage therapist today.

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A massage therapist that goes beyond relaxation

Although massages are for relaxation and stress relief, our massage therapist, Diane, understands that they can also be used to heal your muscles, improve circulation and even help with lymph node drainage. We'll give your body the attention it needs to heal.

There's a massage package for everyone!

From your standard deep tissue massage to a nurturing pregnancy massage, we have something for everybody. Whether you suffer from sore muscles or fibromyalgia, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you're treated properly and efficiently.

Swedish Massage
$35 30min. $65 60min. $90 90min.
This massage uses a variety of strokes, depending upon your needs. Designed to release tension in your muscles, improve your circulation, detoxify your body and relax your mind.


Hot Rock Massage
$75 60min. $100 90min.
Achieve new dimension of relaxation with our gently heated basalt stones with customized blend of essential oils that complement the warmth of the stones.  As the aromatherapy, and warmth envelope you I use flowing smooth strokes to ease muscle tension and restore a calming balance to the mind and the body.  This treatment melts away stress and tension for the ultimate in bodywork.  
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
$40 30min. $75 60min.
Each therapeutic deep tissue massage is an unique experience designed just for you. The therapist hands will assess the condition of the tissue for tight or constricted areas. I will prepare your muscles with smooth long strokes getting them ready for deeper techniques that will release tight muscles, increase circulation, flush toxins and remove stress.

Diane's Facial Massage
$60 90min.
A facial massage that tones, tightens and lifts. Comes with cleansing exfoliation, face mask and moisturize.

Pregnancy Massage
$35 30min. $65 60min.
A nurturing treatment designed to support mothers-to-be, easing the common discomforts in upper and lower back and helping you adjust to the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy brings.
Diane's Ultimate Massage
$100 90min.
Totally indulge yourself and leave your stress and tension behind! With a combination of hot rock massage, reflexology, and a relaxing face and scalp massage. This treatment is the ultimate
Best Foot Forward (Reflexology)
$55 45min.
Relax in a large comfortable chair with your feet soaking in a warm bubbling spa, infused with healing essential oils.  Working on specific points on the feet that correspond to areas of your body will improve circulation, release energy blocks and promote relaxation and give a sense of well-being.  This is the ultimate foot massage!
Fibromyalgia Treatment
$35 Per Treatment
A very specific treatment plan that re-educates the central nervous system.  This treatment is non invasive so there is no pain.  It consists of 2- 30 minute treatments per week for 5 weeks. 

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
$35 30min. $65 60min.
Through subtle therapy movements by a trained therapist they will use their hands in a flat position and the fingers to move in a wave like direction. Through light touches can feel the movement of the lymph fluid and the direction it is flowing. The wave movement assists the flow to go into the lymph direction that best benefits the client. Which helps waste products from stagnent fluid flow and replaces it with nutrient rich lymphatic fluid. The most rewarding part is that you will see results within minutes of the treatment.
Migraine or Chronic Daily Headache Treatment
$15 Per Treatment
A very specific treatment plan that re-educates the muscles of the neck and upper shoulders.  This treatment is non invasive so it is pain free.  It consists of 3-15 minutes treatments per week for 5 weeks.



  * Prices are subject to change.

Give your sore muscles the attention they need. Give us a call today.


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